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Funky floor filling 70s disco dance classics played by a professional 70s music DJ will make it a dynamite disco party night. If you got the moves we got the grooves, so lets get ready to boogie. We are a mobile disco with a highly experienced 70s music DJ for your 1970's theme night event. We play Disco, Glam rock and the top party pop from the 1970s. 70s DJ are based in London but travel to all areas in the south east and beyond

The term Disco comes from the French record library. The first nightclub that played music on recorded discs was Whisky a Go Go which opened in Paris by the late 1940s and the La Discotheque was born. There has always been pop music but Disco dance music itself became a mainstream phenomenon when in 1977 the film Saturday Night Fever was released. Wearing a white suite with waistcoat was super cool and everyone wanted to get down on the illuminated dance floor. Before then dim lights and maybe a mirror ball were OK. Saturday night fever changed that and any budding DJ needed not only a great record selection but some fuzz lights, projectors, UV lights and dream screen light boxes.

In the mid to Late 70s there was an explosion in disco party's and these first days of disco were a boom time for the mobile DJ. Almost every organisation from youth clubs and Scout troops, to social clubs and sports associations held regular disco nights. Unfortunately although the music was brilliant the mobile disco equipment used by the average DJ was nothing like as good as it is today. The world changed when Roger Squires opened a specialist shop for Mobile Discos in Tufnell Park. This was were we like many other 70s DJs acquired our first professional DJ equipment. In the store cupboard we still have in working order a pair of original HH s130 amps from about 1977. The last time we used these was for a corporate video and the director wanted an original 70s looking mobile disco set up.

Direct drive turntables which were ultra expensive, and were not in widespread use until the late 80s. Almost all 70s DJs used a combination of belt drive turntables and a tape deck. The belt was basically a rubber band that stretched from the motor and around the underside of the turntable. The problem with belt drive was a slow start up speed and the possibility of the belt slipping when the deck becomes well used. Sometimes in a hot and humid club conditions moisture would build up on the surface of the belt thus causing the record to slip and slur the disco music. A DJ trick would be to put you finger on the record and manually spin it to help it maintain the correct speed.

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1970s Music DJ

If the dance floor was really bouncy or if the record was badly scratched another essential part of the 70s DJ kit would be a few coins. Placing a few coins on the record arm would help the needle stay in the groove. Today if the there is even a slight bleep in the music everyone will instantly notice, but back in the seventies a scratched record was normal and nobody much cared. As long as the tune was a good dance track most dances would ignore all the hiss, hum and the extra beats made by scratches and just boogie on down. Sometimes a big scratch or a bump to the record deck would make the needle arm jump about all over the place and a 3 minute record might last 5 minutes or be over in just one. If it was a popular tune lots of party DJs would just bump the needle back to the start for a respin and claimed it had jump there.

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We are versatile, modern mobile disco with a comprehensive range of music from all styles including the 50s and before to the current charts. Lots of the parties we play musical are a mix or decades including the 60s and 70s or the 80s and 90s etc. Our party DJs will select the best and danceable tracks to make it a smash hit party. contact us for a great deal on 70s and 80s dj hire or a mobile disco with a 60s to 90s theme.

We are based in London and can travel to all areas in the UK. We regularly provide 70s DJ in London, Essex, Herts, Berkshire, Kent, Buckinghamshire and across the south of England. We are 100% reliable and no matter how far away your party is we allow lots of traveling time and listen closely to traffic reports to avoid hold ups on the motorway.

We performed our first mobile disco in 1978 so were around for the heyday of disco music and have experienced first hand the dodgy DJ gear that made up a 1970s Mobile Disco. Now using a high quality modern DJ equipment our professional party DJ's know the best glam rock, pop and Disco records of the 70s to play. If you are planning a retro music theme party its best to hire a 70s DJ who was playing the best Disco Dance tracks back in the seventies. Contact us direct on the numbers above to hire a groovy 70s DJ in London, Herts, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and the whole of the UK. Cheesy tunes to the dynamite dance classics 70s DJ will play the music selection of perfection.

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