60s DJ, 70s disco, 80s music mobile Disco and 90s dance DJ play all the hits from all the decades of dance and pop music.
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60s, 70s, 80s, 90s DJ

Not Just the 70s but we are great at all kinds of retro party events. We can DJ for a sensational 60s night or re spin back to the 80s with a poptastic mobile disco. The 90s and noughties are great themes for a party and there is no time like now to play the current chart and dace tracks. We have vast music selections from each decade and can specialise in just one style from one era or mix it up and play the best and greatest floor fillers to make it a smash hit dance party.

70s disco is a great theme for a party but so is 80s pop or 90s dance. 50s rock and roll and 60s pop was the soundtrack to the first teenage disco dances. Before the 50s music was for everyone which meant that the kids had to listen to the same stuff as their grandad. Before the 50s if you were posh you would have had a gramophone and listened to his masters voice recordings. Lots of people had a piano so the music you heard was the music you played. The teen scene of the 50s and 60s changed all that and the kids could do there own thing to their own music. Music from the 50s and 60s is not old fashioned but the new fashion of the first teen generation. we play retro Music from the 50s and 60s to the 80s and 90s.


mobile discos and 70s djs for 1970s music partys

70s and 80s Music DJ

Not just the 70s but the 1980s is often considered the decade that fashion forgot. With a pair of shoulder pads a girl could power dress her way into the board room and a yuppie armed with a wedge hair cut could use his brick size mobile to order a new Porsche, on credit obviously. The music of the 80s was mostly high energy pop with many a power ballet getting to number one. A DJ hired to do an 80s music party that doesn't really know the music better be careful as there were plenty of terrible naff tunes in the 80s that made it big in the charts. It may have been a 80s number one hit but it may also be S##T. We can supply an 80s DJ that knows the best floor fillers, pop tunes and tracks from the first days of house that will rock the house.

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Back in the day 90s dance DJs played UK garage R&B and euro techno. Today old skool is the new cool and the 30 something's can relive their school days once more. no matter what the retro music party get you dancing shoes cause we got the dancing grooves. Lets party

A 60s music Dj can shake out the cobwebs from you ears or a 70s disco will make you feel glam all over, a 80s pop powered mobile disco will make it a hit after 80s hit night to remember. 90s until now will round of the retro music selection for the perfect theme party in London essex Hertfordshire, kent berkshire Bucks and across the whole Uk.

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