70s disco dj in Bedfordshire with the party hits and cheesy tunes to make a smash hit party.
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There are numerous Mobile discos in Bedfordshire and many will provide a professional DJ service at a competitive rate. If you are hosting a 70s theme party however its best to contact a specialist 70s music DJ that actually knows the music. We are a mobile disco with 40 years experience that combines up to date equipment with the best disco and dance music of the 70s. We are a local 70s music DJ company in Bedfordshire that has the knowledge of playing 70s music as new release tracks in the 70s. We are not working through a pre arranged playlist but can adapt the music choice from track to track depending on the mood of the moment. We react to the audience response and have all the floor fillers to take the party to the next level and make it a smash hit disco party.

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1970s theme Mobile Disco

Lets face it, themed parties are more fun. If your having a party going retro gives everyone a reason to dress up and the 70s is one of the easiest. On the whole there are four choices of what to wear and these are the early 70s flower power, tie die a baggy T shirt or wear a caftan and bingo. Also the 70s brought us Glam rock, this is a bit more tricky to pull off and skin tight silver suits are harder to find. Platform shoes will give you the height advantage but murder to dance in, so practice at home first. Punk is often overlooked as a fancy dress option but a punk costume does not have to be smart and definitely not pretty. Disco is the main choice of 70s party people today. White suit with waistcoat was what John Travolta wore when he boogied down in Saturday night fever but in truth this was just a movie. Brown suits or denim were worn but almost everyone else. Borrow some flares from your dad and he may teach you a few moves from the hey day of disco. You can put on whatever you like to a 70s disco theme party as long as you have your dancing shoes on. Its the 70s so lets get ready to party.


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