70s music DJ in Berkshire will make it a party with a difference, Great 70s DJs playing great 70s music.
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70s DJ in Berkshire

When it comes to 70s music we know if its a hit miss or maybe best forget. Not just the number ones but 70s music DJs in Berkshire play your special requests and will have similar tracks that can be added to the mix. The 1970s were great days of disco music, great dance tunes made the charts and played on a modern mobile disco system will now sound better than ever.

Back in the 70s the average DJ would have used a mobile disco system no where near as good as the average DJ today and all the music was played on vinyl. Eventually any record would be full of little clicks and bleeps that were caused by small scratches. Back then nobody cared but to day the same music will sound crystal clear. Hire a 70s DJ in Berkshire and much of your favourite music will sound better than when you heard it the first time back in the 70s.


DJ with 70s Music

If you are young enough not to remember the 70s but want to hire a DJ that's not a dinosaur we are fun party DJs with stacks of real experience. We are 70s DJs in Berkshire that can always get the party going. Our style is not in your face but we read the crowed and blend the best tracks to create a great party atmosphere. We love it when your guests ask for requests and aim to work with the audience to select the best and popular tracks. It may have been a number one but if it hasn't got dance potential then it stays in the record box (unless you ask for it).

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