Mobile Disco and 70s music DJ in west London with the dance floor classics to make it a party to remember.
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1970s music mobile disco and party DJ will add a fun theme to your party and make it a night to remember. We play the ideal music selection for a fab 70s theme party in west London. We can make it a Disco night with the dance killer floor fillers and soulful grooves or add in the cheesy pop tunes and groovy Glam rock.

When planning any party the most important thing to think about is your guests, the second is how are you going to entertain them. A great fun theme for a party is a 70s disco with the element of fancy dress. However if you are looking to hire a specialist 70s DJ not all mobile discos are the same. Very few local west London DJs will have the same knowledge of 70s music as we do. We where there back in the 70s spinning the 45's and hot 12 inchers as new release's tracks to packed dance floors. We did it then and we can still rock the house today.


Disco Music DJ

Its worth considering that there were a lot of tracks that were very popular back in the 70s and have not stood the test of time well. Some of the biggest selling number ones of the day will cause a dance floor walk off if played today at a 70s Disco. A DJ who is simply working through a pile of 70s music compilation CDS will not know what's a Disco hit and what's just S##T. We are the 70s Djs with the know how to make it a proper pop and disco dance party.


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