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70s DJ Equipment

Mobile Disco equipment has improved spectacularly since the 70s. Back then it was quite common for the DJ to use a two home hi-fi's and have a three bulb light show. Many established DJs used equipment designed for live performances and adapted it to for Mobile Disco use. However the 1970s saw a boom in the Mobile Disco industry and specially developed and improved disco equipment was produced. Roger Squires in north London was at the forefront of providing specialised mobile disco equipment and it was in their Tufnell park shop where we acquired much of our first disco equipment. Today speaker systems, amps and lighting have all became much lighter to carry, more powerful and far more reliable. As an added bonus due to mass production everything is also considerable cheaper than it was in the first days of disco.

Tucked away in the loft somewhere we have a set of 1970s H/H s130 amplifiers which still work perfectly. These amps were bought back in the mid 70s from Roger Squires in Tuffnel park. At the time these amps were state of the art, hugely expensive but only produced about 100w each. That's complete pants by today's standards. Two 100 watt amps can drive enough speakers to make a reasonably loud noise but that's about it. All the frequencies on the record can not be produced accurately and the loud noise was really just a mush of high notes and bass squeezed through a mid range speaker cabinet. However in the 70s very few people expected any better, so this was good enough.


70s Music Mobile Disco

Green and red Led lights were used by companies such as Citronic to help create a professional look to the 70s DJ deck consol and would often be the best part of the light show. When CDs became the major format for playing music many DJs were reluctant to switch over and abandon their record decks. For some, the huge expense of their DJ decks and having to replace their record collection meant they couldn't afford it. However we started to use the new technology quite early on but in parallel with our traditional techniques turntables. Although vinyl records can get badly scratched the almost inaudible deep bass rumble of the needle moving against the surface of the record added a certain warm quality to the music. Many people still consider music sounds better played the old fashioned way.

No matter how good the music is, a DJ using cheap mobile disco equipment is so 1970s DJ. For a modern mobile disco with the great sounds of the 70s call pro mobile disco.

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