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70s music DJ in London

We are 70s DJs in London and can provide a fun theme night mobile disco entertainment. Based in north London we also cover east London, west London, south London. 70s DJs will get to the party on time and play the hits of the 70's on modern professional mobile disco equipment. Back in the 1970s people did not care too much about PAT or PLI but today most venues will insist your DJ has safe, reliable equipment which is regularly checked. As members of the NADJ we can assure our clients we hold appropriate PLI and PAT certificates to play at any party venue in London or the surrounding counties. We play the retro hits and disco dance classics of the 1970s.

Disco music in the 1970s was recorded on vinyl records and played on belt drive turntables. If a record was popular and played a lot it would soon get scratched. You would hear plenty of clicks and background hiss on your favourite 70s Dance Music. Quite often the needle would jump out of the groove and repeat the same piece of music over and over. A different problem was if the DJ was using a old set of record decks the belts on the turntables would be worn. Worn out belts could case the turntables to slip and the record played at the wrong speed. Although it was less sophisticated mobile disco equipment was considerably more expensive than it is today and this meant that most DJs could only afford a basic mobile disco set up with a lot of it being home made.


70s DJ In London

Mobile DJs back in the 70s would often use a sound system really not much more powerful than a home Hi-Fi. To fill a large party venue with music the DJ would simply turn up the volume to max. This would normally lead to terrible distortion and the hottest hits of the day would be painful to listen to. The great news is that although there is still a lot of amateur DJs around Mobile Disco equipment is a lot less expensive than it was. This means the classic disco tracks played on Modern Mobile disco equipment make old school the new cool.

Thankfully today the average mobile DJ today will use equipment that looks and sounds far better than it did back in the day. So you can relive the days of Disco without having to put up with scratched records that jump from one part of the track to another. Distorted music should also be a thing of the past as a professional mobile disco will use the right equipment for the size of the venue so the your favourite 70s oldies will sound brand new.

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